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O-G Sokoban 1.0

O-G Sokoban is a challenging game in which you have to move red squares
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O-G Sokoban is an enjoyable and challenging game in which you have to push red blocks to marked spots to complete levels. You control a green pawn, which is in charge of pushing the red blocks to their locations. You just have to select the block you wish to push and where you wish to put it, and the green pawn does the rest. The blocks can only be pushed in a straight line and to any of the available spaces highlighted when you click on the blocks. You always have to calculate your moves because there must be space for the green pawn to move the red blocks. A wrong move can make you restart a level.

In all the levels, you can undo and restart whenever you want. The levels look somewhat the same, but they offer more blocks to move and lots of obstacles as you progress. Unfortunately, the game offers only one mode. It has simple but nice graphics, average sounds, and pleasant music. In short, if you are looking for a simple but challenging game with lots of puzzles that will keep you busy for a while, O-G Sokoban may be a good choice

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Challenging and enjoyable


  • Only one mode
  • Simple graphics
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